Let’s Catch Up (#23)

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Hey y’all! This has been an interesting week. A lot was going on and I’m still kind of recovering from it all. Before we get into all that, grab a fall themed drink, cozy blanket, and take a seat so we can catch up!

Life Update

It’s midterm season and you know what that means:

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Let’s Catch Up (#18)

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Hey y’all! We’ve made it through yet another week together and I’m so thankful to have this time with you again. This week we’ll be talking about school, book (of course!), and some wonderful people in the book community. So, it’s time to grab a drink (preferably warm), a cozy blanket, and whatever you’re reading this on so we can catch up!

Life Update

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Let’s Catch Up (#15)

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Hey y’all! This week has really been something. I’ve made some personal challenges for myself that I’m really hoping I get through, but it’s been harder than I thought. I guess that’s why they call it a challenge.

If you’re new here, Let’s Catch Up is basically just my form of a weekly wrap-up. It’s a time where I update you on many of the things going on in my life and blogging. It’s also a time when I shout out some of the amazing bloggers and booktubers out there. All in all, just a really fun time.

Heads up, I’m writing this at 3 in the morning because I’ve been getting sudden bursts of creative energy at night. I-

Life Update

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