Let’s Catch Up (#35)

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Hey y’all! Classes have officially begun and I’ve got my boxing gloves on to try to keep from getting beat. It’s already been a time, but we’ll get into that. Right now I need you to get a warm drink and fuzzy blanket to fight off this cold draft so we can catch up!

teddy bear cat GIF
This is how I’m expecting you to look right now
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Let’s Catch Up (#28)

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Hey y’all! So I actually forgot to write this. It’s been at the back of my mind all week and I had been planning to type it up on Saturday but I somehow forgot. This is probably a sign that I need to start keeping an organized planner again.

Anywho, let’s have another late afternoon/nighttime catch up session. Grab a cozy blanket, holiday themed drink, and take a seat so we can catch up!

Life Update

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