The Life of an English Major

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Hey Lovebugs, I know it’s been a while since my last post, but I certainly haven’t forgotten about you. If you haven’t heard it before, you’re going to hear it now. I’ve added English as my second major, which is honestly super fitting for me but… also super stressful.

So you may have noticed I haven’t had any recent book reviews up, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading. Trust me, I’ve been reading.

My African American Lit class has us reading 20 to 30 pages out of our textbook every week. I just finished reading three books for my Intro to Lit class and we’re currently working on our fourth. This semester is definitely not what I’m used to.

It feels so weird being away for so long, so here’s some of what I’ve been reading these past few months:

Intro to Lit

[Insert] Boy by Danez Smith

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Kindred by Octavia Butler

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Beloved by Toni Morrison

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And coming up:

Fun House by Alison Bechdel

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African American Lit

The Norton Anthology of African American Literature
Third Edition
Volumes 1 and 2

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Image result for The Norton Anthology of African American Literature

We’ve read several essays, short stories, and plays from this anthology. It has been quite the wild ride.

Sula by Toni Morrison

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Up Next:

Platitudes by Trey Ellis

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That’s all in terms of what I’ve been reading for my classes. I tried fitting in pleasure reading, but it’s been tough between classes and work. I’m looking forward to winter break to see what comes out of that.

How was your week?

What are you currently reading?

Are you looking forward to Thanksgiving?


Grownish Season 2 Episode 4 Recap + Discussion

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I guess I’m making this into a regular thing.



So the episode started with Zoey doing her little monologue on geniuses and what it meant to be one. There’s all this news about some mystery artist dropping an album and Aaron decides to throw a kickback for it.

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Grownish Season 2 Episode 3 (Recap + Discussion)

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Last week’s recap seemed to get a lot of attention. Let me know if this is something you’re enjoying!



This episode was filled with drama. It was definitely something I could see going on in real life, but I wish these episodes were an hour long.

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