A Man Called Ove (Book Review)

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It feels like so long since my last book review, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading. I was in a slump for several weeks, trudging through some books that weren’t peaking my interest. Then, I picked up A Man Called Ove.

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My First Blogging Photo Shoot

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If you’re not already following my Bookstagram, please consider it. Make sure to let me know you’re a fellow blogger so I can follow you back. I had my first blogging photoshoot this week and I loved it.

All these pictures were taken on my school’s campus. I found some really nice spots. It was always my intention for my bookstagram to be more flowery and bright. I think these pictures came out pretty nice. I took all the books I bought while thrifting and I also brought along The Poet X and Dear Martin.

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The Education of Margot Sanchez (Book Review)

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Remember those books I bought a good two months ago? The ones from that Two for Tuesday. Well, I finally finished them!

Turns out, reading between studying isn’t the best tactic, so I was better off saving them for winter break. I posted my review for American Street last week.

Before we officially begin, lets take a peek at my newest Bookstagram photos (I’m really enjoying this):

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